1. You win the $100 million dollar lottery jackpot and suddenly distant relatives start calling you up and asking for loans. Do you give them some?
My exact response would be, "The check is in the mail."
2. If you won the $60 million dollar lottery jackpot, would you tell off your boss?
Maybe I'd ask for a few days off to think about it.

3. If you hit the $10 million dollar lottery jackpot, what's the first thing you'd spend it on:
a. Expensive sports car    
b. Big Mansion                
c. Plastic surgery.
Other- a bottle of champagne, and fill up the tank in my car. In that order.

4. A friend buys you a lottery ticket and you wind up winning the $50 million jackpot. Do you:
a. Split it 50/50 with them.
b. Keep all the money for yourself.
c. Buy them the expensive car they've always wanted.
Other- send him/her a thank you card.

5. If you won the $100 million dollar lottery jackpot, would you trade you current significant other for someone much better looking?
Yes /No  
No way, but I would buy him some new socks.

6. If you won the $100 million dollar lottery jackpot, would you trade in your old poor friends for rich new ones?
Yes /No 
Hypothetically speaking, if I had friends?

7. If your significant other lost your winning lottery ticket, would you break up with them?
No, but I'd make him buy his own darn socks.

8. Do you really think you've got a chance when you buy a lottery ticket?
Do you really think I would answer this if I didn't have a chance??

Apparently a giant load of cash would not bring out the best in you. If you won the lottery, you'd probably be torn between staying the decent, generous person you are now and letting the money corrupt you. You wouldn't become completely stingy and superficial, but you wouldn't be exactly the same person you are now either. Perhaps you would ditch some of the people in your life for flashier, more sophisticated versions, or would get a little gluttonous with the cash. You seem to have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, pulling you in two directions - to be a rich jerk, or not?

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